Real Spy Gear

“Spy birthday party stuff!”

Spy Sunglasses Birthday Party Favor
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12 sunglasses for $7.00??? This deal is red hot, so don't blow our cover. I have a man on the inside who can ensure that we get the goods at this very low cost. I'm sorry I can't disclose who it is, but it rhymes with Tamazon. Don't screw this up and tell anyone!
Spy Birthday Party Favor Boxes
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Every secret agent birthday party guest needs a way to take home their secret loot. No one will suspect the cleverly disquised box labeled "Top Secret"! There is absolutely no better way to transport sensitive party candy and toys than this secure paper briefcase. Shhhhh!
Secret Agent Birthday Party Napkins
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Spy cake? Check. Spy tablecloth? Check. Spy party favors? Check. Spy napkins? Dammit, you forgot the napkins! You better get these very elaborate napkins so that the little spy party guests don't make a mess and give away their true identity. Spy employees must stay clean!
12 Spy Passport Party Favors
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Every party goer needs a secret identity and you can ensure safe travel for them with these passports. Just cut out some secret identites and glue them on the inside with the relevant information. No one will suspect a thing when they attempt to eat cake under a false identity.
Spy Passport Sticker Sheets
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If you're going to provide secret identities to your guests with passports, then you're going to need the proper authorization! Use these sticker sheets to officially stamp your birthday party guest's passports. Just don't accidentally deport them! They're going to want cake!
36 Fake Mustaches
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Disguise the secret identity of your party guests with these fake mustaches. With 12 packs of 3 mustaches each, your guests can choose if they want to go with the classy debonaire look or try to go undercover as a double agent cowboy. It's really their choice.
Spy Birthday Party Invitations
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It's a covert party. Only the most exclusive guests are invited. But how do they know where the rendezvous point is? That's where these secret agent birthday party invitations come in! Details are encrypted on the inside in your mother's handwriting. Good luck!
Spy Mad Libs
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What kinds of stories of intrigue are your party guests involved with? Are they double agents? Are they deep inside the belly of the enemy? Did they just [VERB] the desk of Mr. [NOUN], AKA [ADJECTIVE] [NOUN]? Are they disguised as [ADJECTIVE] [PLURAL NOUN]?
Spy Birthday Party Plates
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Protecting the world from errant missile strikes is standard procedure in the world of spy birthday parties. Carefully cut the cake and place a piece onto each birthday party plate, secretly disguised as a missile launch pad button. Attention, we are go for lunch!