Real Spy Gear

“Spy cameras all in one place!”

Live Video Camera Drone
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Don't underestimate this professional drone. 25 min flight time, 9 inch propellers, 1/3 mile distance, and live 1080p video to your iPhone or Android phone. The camera is stabilized via a 3-axis gimbal system. Capable of smooth movie quality aerial footage, this is pro equipment.
High Definition Video Pen
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Professional spies are often required to carry a perfectly placed video camera pen in their immaculately ironed jacket pocket. So after you obtain this pen, be sure to buy a light colored suit jacket and an iron. Records 5 hours of AVI video at up to 1280 x 720 resolution.
Night Vision Camera Watch
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The red arrow points at a pinhole camera that snaps 4032 x 3024 pixel resolution photos and captures high-definition 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution video at 30 fps. What's even more amazing is that there are 4 other infrared LEDs that shine invisible light for the night vision.
High Power Binoculars
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These crazy powerful binoculars are perfect for long-range spying. With its rubber coated armor, this item is extremely durable and has a wide field of view. You can see up to 1000 meters with this fine piece of equipment and is an essential item for your spy missions.
Spy Gear Night Vision Goggles
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Night Goggles illuminate and magnify the path ahead. The lightweight blue lenses have bright blue LEDs that help you see up to 25 feet in the dark, while the retractable scope magnifies your view through a yellow crosshair lens.
Alarm Clock Camera
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Sometimes the perfect place for a hidden camera is in plain sight, and this is very true for this alarm clock spy camera. You can store 4GB of video and can be easily uploaded to your computer. Covertly spy on any room with this magnificent piece of spy technology!
Thermal Imaging Camera
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This state-of-the-art of technology will help you on those midnight spying adventures. With its compact frame and high quality Germanium lenses, you can see clearly through the night. Perfect for a variety of applications including security, military, and especially spying!
FLIR i7 Thermal Imaging Camera
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The FLIR i7 is one of the smallest, lightest, and most powerful thermal cameras on the market. This powerful tool features a 2.8-inch LCD color screen, precise thermal sensitivity, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This tool will help any spy see heat through walls!!
Spy Gear Spy Video Car
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The Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6 is an RC spy car with many top features. Unlike conventional remote-control cars, the VX-6 lets you see with real-time video displayed directly on the screen. Now you kids can keep an eye on the action, no matter where it happens.
Spy Pen Camera
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The Swann PenCam DVR Mini Video Camera & Recorder is the perfect spy gadget you have been looking for. The stylish looking black ballpoint pen contains a pinhole video camera so small you can barely tell that it is even there.
Porro Prism Binoculars
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Pentax Porro Prism Binoculars are the perfect choice for long range spying. The enhanced capability of these binoculars is caused by a Convergent Lens Optical System Engineering. These professional level binoculars will greatly improve your spying abilities.
Keychain Spy Camera
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This super-small secret keychain spy camera is the perfect camera for capturing video very casually and discreetly. You will be amazed by the amount of evidence you will be able to capture with this awesome spy tool.
Spy Net Recording Night Vision Goggles
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Recon missions, covert operation, with these high-tech night vision goggles, YOU rule the night! See up to 50 feet in complete darkness with real night vision technology! Record hours of video and photos of your adventures!
Clothes Hook Spy Camera
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The Clothes Hook Hidden Camera is a great security tool by spying on your entryway to catch whoever enters or leaves your house on tape. Very sneaky and a perfect security device!
Smoke Detector Camera
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This covert smoke detector camera looks like any other smoke detector and it actually works as both a smoke detector and hidden camera! This amazing spy equipment is perfect for keeping a room of your house under constant surveillance.
Lighter Spy Camera
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This mini lighter shaped camera is the perfect mini spy device with its small design and everyday appearance. Spy on any room with this covert mini video camera and this device can hold hours of high quality video and is a great spy piece with endless combinations.
RC Helicopter with Camera
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The Hawkspy remote control helicopter with camera is an easy-to-fly 3 channel helicopter. This camera helicopter is designed for indoor or outdoor flight and makes very little noise. The double rotor design stabilizes flight and makes it easy to control. Aerial spying at its best!
Video Camera Glasses
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Secretly record conversations with these video camera glasses! Super discrete, no one will suspect a thing! The video recording is even in high definition 720P (1280 x 720) resolution. Movies are saved as AVI format onto the 8GB flash drive that has room for 80 minutes!
Wild Planet Spy Video Car
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Because plain-sight cameras are not acceptable in the spy world, you'll need the one-of-a-kind private screen of the Wild Planet Spy Video Car. This RC spy car can also speedily drive away if it gets caught while preforming your spying.
Teddy Bear Camera
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This wireless Teddycam will be sure to keep a close watch on anyone in your baby's bedroom. This nannycam is completely covert and easy to use. Capture any questionable behavior with this covert teddy bear camera wireless surveillance system.
Motion Detector Spy Camera
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This covert piece of spy gear is sneakily disguised as a common motion detector. You can spy on anything, even in complete darkness. Keep constant surveillance with this high quality hidden video camera! No one will guess it's a motion detector spy camera!
Night Vision Goggle System
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Professional night goggles aren't cheap! These are the real deal and are designed for military and law enforcement purposes. Be aware that these cannot be sold and shipped to persons living in the state of California or outside the United States. You know who you are!
Spy Camera Glasses
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Have you ever wanted to record moments of what you are seeing through your perspective? Well here's your chance! These high-tech spy glasses can easily be connected to your computer for uploading and can hold 2000 pictures!
Barska Binoculars
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These stylish high powered binoculars are a necessity for any mission that involves spying. Many amazing features are included with these binoculars like shock-absorbing rubber armor and ruby lens to minimize UV glare. A must-have for any professional spy.
Super Secret Spy Lens
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This 90 degree secret lens fits on any SLR camera. Take photos around the corner or just candids on the street. When people don't know you're taking photos, they appear more natural. Capture your evidence discretely. Well, that's a pretty big lens, so not so discretely.
Spy Watch Night Vision Camera
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This real watch has a super-secret pinhole camera built in to it that is perfect for covertly capturing video. This spy watch camera will be sure to allow you to covertly capture evidence. 8GB of built-in memory is perfect for getting everything on hidden video!
Mini Spy Camera and Camcorder
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Ridiculously tiny, this small device can take 45 minutes of audio/video or take 2 megapixel photos. Attach it to a car, RC plane, or hide it anywhere to record hidden video. You know you have to have this! For 10 bucks, this is an insane deal! It doesn't even make sense!