Real Spy Gear

“Spy gear for kids!”

Directed Spy Microphone
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Point toward your target and hear voices from over 300 feet away. That's the distance of a whole football field! Also has a sound limiter so your ears won't be blown out. While it's sold as a toy, it really works! Used by bird watchers, ghost hunters, and junior spies.
Invisible Ink Pens
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Write secret invisible messages! To read the message, just shine the UV black light on the cap end (lasts 36 hrs). With two pens, each person has the ability to read and write messages. You could jot down your computer passwords so others can't easily read them!
Fingerprint Analysis Kit
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A complete kit for lifting and analyzing suspect fingerprints. Contains a fingerprint brush, two fingerprint stamps, dusting powder, flap lifters, ink pad, stencil, fingerprint card, alternative light source, fingerprint marker, CSI notebook and magnification glass.
Spy Gear Evidence Kit
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Uncover top-secret evidence! This all-in-one inspection set is packed with over 12 tools that reveal invisible fingerprints and magnify even the smallest pieces of evidence. Pack it all in the mobile carry case so you can analyze clues on the go!
Sight/Sound Surveillance Earpieces
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Two surveillance earpieces, one for enhancing sight and one for enhancing sound. Must-have essentials for any spy on a mission! Perfect toys for buddy play. Did I say toys? No, these are state-of-art surveillance equipment! No toys here! Honest!
Spy Recon Set
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The spy recon set includes a spy watch, stealth night binoculars, micro motion alarm, and an electronic voice disguise. Everything a spy team might need to perform a delicate mission involving intrigue and suspense, disguise, infiltration, espionage, and double-crossing.
Laser Tripwire
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Protect your space with invisible laser beams! Warning alarms alert you to intruders, while 3 laser units form a perimeter that protects your stuff, just like the tripwire banks and museums use! Well, except that this is a laser tripwire...
Spy Gear Night Vision Goggles
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Night Goggles illuminate and magnify the path ahead. The lightweight blue lenses have bright blue LEDs that help you see up to 25 feet in the dark, while the retractable scope magnifies your view through a yellow crosshair lens.
Long Range Walkie Talkies
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These long range walkie talkies are perfect for keeping in constant voice contact even from very far away. Share information to fellow agents with these high quality communication devices. The devices also include a spy code key to communicate without making any noise.
Invisible Ink Pen
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Write secret messages with this Invisible Ink Pen with Light! You can communicate in secret with your fellow spies, without your intel being discovered! With the special UV ink, the writing only shows up under UV light which is attached to the pen!
Dissolving Spy Paper
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Write your secrets on this special spy paper! On a moments notice, you can destroy your plans by adding water. The paper will instantly become mulch and your secrets will be safe. Write down your deepest, darkest secrets and then wash them away forever.
Top Secret Self-Inking Rubber Stamp
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Make sure your documents are appropriately marked. You would not want someone who is unauthorized to gaze upon any Top Secret information. This brilliant red Top Secret stamp will ensure that people understand that you are serious about security!
Ultimate Mission Spy Case
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Be on the lookout, day or night. Shh... what's that sound? It could be an enemy spy, or your fellow agent. As soon as the coast is clear, leap into action with your Evidence Kit and collect fingerprints and clues from the scene.
Becoming a Spy
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Have you ever thought of becoming a spy? What kind of training is involved? Do you have to go to a special school or take a polygraph test? How do you live your "cover"? Is there danger involved? This fascinating, fact-filled book answers these questions and more.
Ultimate Spy Watch
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This is the ultimate spy technology for your child. This amazing spy watch gadget features world time, secret spy communication tools, a motion alarm and a decoder screen, all protected by locking armor. Everything you need for any spy mission.
Spy Gear Spy Video Car
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The Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6 is an RC spy car with many top features. Unlike conventional remote-control cars, the VX-6 lets you see with real-time video displayed directly on the screen. Now you kids can keep an eye on the action, no matter where it happens.
RC Helicopter with Camera
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The Hawkspy remote control helicopter with camera is an easy-to-fly 3 channel helicopter. This camera helicopter is designed for indoor or outdoor flight and makes very little noise. The double rotor design stabilizes flight and makes it easy to control. Aerial spying at its best!
Video Camera Glasses
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Secretly record conversations with these video camera glasses! Super discrete, no one will suspect a thing! The video recording is even in high definition 720P (1280 x 720) resolution. Movies are saved as AVI format onto the 8GB flash drive that has room for 80 minutes!
Moustache Disguise
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Look stylish in this fancy moustache disguise that tells the world that you mean business. Sneak straight into your nemesis's secret base by turning the moustache upside down to give off a more evil look.
Groucho Marx Glasses
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This high quality classic Groucho Marx disguise will fool even the most intelligent adult. Your toddler's precious identity will be completely safe with this foolproof spy equipment.
Spy Pen Camera
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The Swann PenCam DVR Mini Video Camera & Recorder is the perfect spy gadget you have been looking for. The stylish looking black ballpoint pen contains a pinhole video camera so small you can barely tell that it is even there.
Voice Changer
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Once you make contact with the mole, you'll need to disguise your voice. We recommend staying away from "retarded space alien" and just stick with "burly electronic dude". Amplifies and changes your own voice with 10 different voice modifiers. Conceal your identity!
Spy Science: 40 Secret-Sleuthing, Code-Cracking Activities
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The perfect spy activity book for kids. 40 fun activities centered around spying, such as secret codes, writing in invisible ink, and building a listening device. This is the kind of book that kids pour over for hours, getting them to think, plan, and strategize.
Sonic Distractors
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First you dial in 1 of 8 different sounds. Then you throw it and after a timed delay it starts making noise. If your goal is to distract the enemy and then carefully slip by unnoticed, then mission accomplished. Don't be caught without an escape plan. Drives cats nuts.